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Announcements: August 15th, 2021

To view the full bulletin, use the download link below.

We would like to extend our warmest welcome to you who are attending our Worship Service today, particularly to those who are joining our fellowship for the first time. Newcomers are cordially requested to fill out a registration card located in the slots behind the pews.


  • 凡進入本教會建築物時,請戴口罩。教會亦預備口罩以供閣下使用;
  • 我們暫停在主崇拜時候收集獻金。請你透過網上作奉獻,又或將錢放入捐封後,自行放入奉獻箱;
  • 如有需要,入座前請用教會預備的消毒濕巾抺座位。崇拜後請把已用的濕巾放入教會垃圾桶;
  • 有關各小組最新聚會情況,請向各小組負責人查詢;

This is a friendly reminder from the CA government:

  • Please wear your face mask while you are in the church building. If you have a need, please look for an usher and request for the face mask;
  • We are not going to have offering collection during the Sunday Service. Please do that online, or put your money in the envelope and drop to the offering box when you leave the sanctuary;
  • Sanitizing wipes have been prepared for your need on the pews. Please take one and wipes the area on the pew that you are going to sit. Drop your wipes in the garbage can after use on the way out of the sanctuary.
  • Please refer to your group leaders for more update information about the group activities

Please be reminded that starting from August 8, 2021 the wifi password for the church would be changed. The reason is that we would like to reserve the full strength of internet communication for the live streaming of the Sunday Service from 8:45 am to 12:15 pm on Sunday.

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