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Bible Gateway
Search the Bible in multiple languages, search up keywords, and look up passages.

K-LOVE Music Station
Positive and encouraging Christian music.

The United Methodist Church’s General Board of Discipleship

Aedicule – Chinese UMC Restoration
Aedicule was chosen to restore the gilding on the top of the church during restoration.


2024 Church Retreat Form: PDF-English PDF-Chinese


Storge: Familial Love

CUMC Member Junie Peng’s Testimony

人算甚麼 (3/10/2019)

羅裕康醫生 / 不死的傳奇 (Life After Death) 7-28-2019

吳宣倫博士 / 人死後的去處 (Where Will We Go After Death) 7-21-2019

左麗霞女士 / 一位過埠新娘的【從黑暗到天明】 (An Immigrant Bride Overcome Her Struggle) 7-14-19

簡祺輝牧師 / 人生為何 ? 7-7-19

Stan Fong’s Testimony (8-20-2019)

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