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Letter to the Congregations (March 2020)

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

May the Peace and Joy brought by the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ be with you!

This year, Easter Sunday falls on Sunday, 4/12. The purpose of celebrating Easter every year is to help us to remember that Jesus Christ died for our sins on the cross, was buried, and He was raised from the dead on the third day. His resurrection proves that He is God.

This year in this Lent season, we are having a new experience. The world is infected with COVID-19. The side effect is unbelievable. People are rushing to the store and market to buy toilet papers and rice! This frenzy hunting is another kind of ‘suffering’. The melting down of the stock market is really some kind of ‘crucifixion’ to the American. People everywhere are praying for the quick recovery from the COVID-19, so that all kind of business may joyfully celebrate Easter.

Starting from 3/17, 9 counties in the Bay Area are implementing the ‘Shelter in Place’ policy. The church is no exemption from this. Chinatown and the financial area in San Francisco are very quiet. People from all kinds of businesses are crying out, ‘When will the business come back?’

Dear brothers and sisters, we had been very lucky for a long time since WWII. We have been relaxing even when people on the other side of the world are crying, mourning, and suffering. We take it for granted that this kind of lifestyle would last forever. So, have we been awakened by COVID-19? Life is always full of surprises. Let us keep watch and be vigilant. Get prepared!

In what way should we Christian stand in this hour? First, do we really believe that God is in control? Did you notice that the White House always hold prayer meetings in times of national emergency? Let’s keep praying at home for others. Let us hold each other close with prayer. Second, to whom we look up to for our help? The Dow Jones Industrial Index or the Resurrected Lord Jesus?

Our building will be closed by the order of the ‘Shelter in Place’ but the Church is still alive! Please join our Sunday Service when links are posted on our Facebook group.

I hope that we can have Easter Service on 4/12 at church, but please pay attention to the ‘Shelter in Place’ notice.

In Christ,

Pastor Ernest Kan

The English and Chinese translation of this letter can be downloaded here.

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