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Weekly Announcements: May 26th, 2019

  • The worship team is welcoming people to help serve this summer. If interested, please send an email titled “Worship” with your preferred contact info, Sunday availability (from June 16th to August 18th) and what you want to do. This includes instrumentals, vocals, AV, and slides. Send the email to Brandon ( brandonjwong@berkeley.edu) and “CC” Johnny ( johnny.lau@sbcglobal.net). More information to follow for those interested.
  • The All Church Retreat will be running from 6/6, Thursday to 6/9, Sunday at Redwood Glen (100 Wright Dr, Loma Mar CA 94021). The Chinese speaker is Rev. Walter Leung. The English speaker is Daniel Lowe. After graduated from the Fullers Theological Seminary in Los Angeles, Pastor Daniel Lowe is serving as the pastor of the Living Stone Christian Church in Milpitas. For details, please see the registration form on the top of the water dispenser in the library .
  • The Chinese congregation is hosting the Breakfast Fundraising event for the Church Retreat today from 9:15 am. Many thanks to the brothers and sisters who make it possible
  • The Adult Fellowship will have a fellowship luncheon meeting today the Social Hall. Luncheon fee will be $5.00 each. We also will have Birthday party for those who were born in the second quarter of the year. Members please come. Members are also invited to stay at church to attend the Talk hosted by the Chinese Christian Union. The theme is ’Christianity in today’s China.’
  • We are going to work with Self-help for the Elderly to host the Seismic Safety Outreach Program on 6/2 from 2:00-3:30PM. Those who can finish the whole course will receive a certificate and a earthquake survival kit as gift.
  • The Samuel Fellowship meeting is going to have a fruit picking picnic in the City of Brentwood. Please contact Mr. Brendan Huang for detail.
  • The 2019 Cal-Nev Annual Conference of the UMC will be held from Wednesday, June 19 to 22nd at Double Tree Hotel at Modesto. We have Mr. Brendan Huang, Mr. Ken Yee and Rev Ernest Kan as one of the delegates. Please pray for them.

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