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Weekly Announcements: April 22nd, 2018

  • Thanks to the Board of Trustees, the church has set up a computer with printer system in the library for the brothers and sisters to use for the church.
  • The Board of Trustees is going to rekey the church office for security reason especially on Sunday when the brothers and sisters will use the office for counting the offering.
  • Letter from the Public Work Department had been received about the situation of the decoration of the balcony on the outside wall that needed attention. Please pray for the brothers and sisters of the Board of Trustees so that God would provide them with wisdom and plan to fix it.
  • Please be reminded that the Luncheon Fellowship is moved to Sunday, 4/29, due to our main chef is taking leave to visit his home in mainland China.
  • The 2018 Cal-Nev Annual Conference of the UMC will be held from Wednesday, June 20 to 23rd at Double Tree Hotel at Modesto. We have Mr. Brendan Huang, Mr. Ken Yee and Rev Ernest Kan as one of the delegates. Please pray for them.
  • The Chinese congregation will have the retreat from 6/7, Thursday to 6/10, Sunday. Please pray for them.
  • We will have the Chinese Joint Sunday Service on Mother’s Day Sunday, 5/13, at 11:00 am. Mrs. Celia Kan will be the speaker sharing her witness. Please invite your friends and relative to come.
  • The Chinese Ministry Committee is going to have an Evangelistic Meeting at Dr. Daniel Wu’s house on July 15 in the afternoon. Dinner will be included. Please save the date.
  • The Adult Fellowship will have a fellowship luncheon meeting 5/27 in the Social Hall. Luncheon fee will be $5.00 each. We also will have Birthday party for those who were born in the second quarter of the year. Members please come.
  • The Women Association of the San Francisco Chinese Christian Union will host a retreat on Saturday, 5/19, from 10:30 am to 2:00 pm at the Chinatown Salvation Army Mrs. Suk Yee Kwan, the pastor wife of Rev. Franco Kwan of True Sunshine Anglican Church, is the key-note speaker. There will be luncheon and the ticket is $5.00 each. Please get the ticket from Mrs. Betty Chia. Please pray.
  • The Altar flower is a way to express that Jesus Christ is “the Life”. Flowers’ donation is a way of Thanksgiving to the Lord, or in memory of your beloved ones. Flower offering also used to cover the expenses in purchasing Baptism bibles, the Holy Communion bread/juice and accessories.
  • Donations are welcome and will be acknowledged on the specified day. Please put your flower offering into the pew envelopes with the specific dates or present it to Mr. and Mrs. Shek Yin Chiang for help.

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