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Weekly Announcements: January 29th, 2017

  • There will be a Cantonese evangelistic meeting hosted by the Hong Kong Celebs at Sunset Baptist Church on 2/3 evening. You are encouraged to invite your Cantonese speaking parent to attend. Please see Mr. Edward Wong for the admission tickets.
  • We are part of the Bridges District of California-Nevada Annual Conference of the UMC. The Bridges District will hold a revival meeting onFeb.4th (Saturday) from 9:30 am – 4:30 pm at Fairfield Community UMC (1875 Fairfield Ave. Fairfield, CA). Come receive the Holy Spirit in time of worship, praise & prayer. See Pastor Kan for more info. To register, please follow the link to register: https://calnev-reg.brtapp.com/BDrevival2017
  • The Finance Committee will meet on Sunday, 2/12, at 12:45 am. in the chapel.
  • The Administrative Board will meet on Sunday, 2/19, at 12:45 pm. in the chapel.
  • We will have the Joint Choir singing on Easter Sunday. The Joint Choir will be conducted by Mrs. Celia Kan. Please join the rehearsal every Sunday, from 12:30—1:00 pm in the Sanctuary starting from February, 12th.
  • The San Francisco Chinese Christian Union (SFCCU) had voted Rev. Ernest Kan to be the vice-chairperson in 2017. Please pray for him and the CCUSF
  • You are welcome to check the activities and the pictures of our church on your Face Book. Just type ‘Chinese UMC, San Francisco’ in the friend search and you will see it.

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