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Weekly Announcements: December 18th, 2016

  • Christmas Schedule:
    • December 24th @ 4:30 PM – Gathering at church, then Christmas Eve Caroling
    • December 24th @ 7:00 PM – Dinner for people who are Caroling and those who will be helping out for Candlelight Service
    • December 24th @ 8:00 PM – Christmas Candlelight Music Service @ Social Hall
    • December 25th @ 10:30 AM – Joint (9 am, 11 am, and Children Worship) Christmas Sunday Service with Baptism, Confirmation and Receiving Member
  • Anyone wants to get baptized, confirmed or transfer your membership to CUMC on Christmas Sunday, 12/25, please contact Rev. Ernest Kan.
  •  The San Francisco Chinese Christian Union (SFCCU) will host a fund raising banquet on Sunday, January 15, 2017 at Far East Café, 631 Grant St., in Chinatown. The dinner program will start at 5:30 pm.
    From the very beginning, Chinese UMC is a strong supporter of SFCCU all these years. We always want to show our Unity Spirit of the Lord Jesus. We already prepaid for 2 tables for twenty people. Please feel free to sign up with Mrs. Betty Chia or Mr. Thomas Xiao. You are also welcome to donate the dinner tickets to the church even if you cannot make it to the dinner. Please write check payable to ‘CUMC’ and write Dinner donation on the envelope.
  • Flowers’ donation is a way of Thanksgiving to the Lord, or in memory of your loving family members. The Jan. – June, 2017 Flowers Fund Chart is posted in the hallway. Donations are welcome. Each entry for the flowers’ donation is preferably $10.00. You can put your offering into the pew envelopes with the specific dates or present it to Mr. and Mrs. Shek Yin Chiang for help.

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